Welcome to AccountancyKids!

markMy name is Mark McDowall and I am proud to help the childcare sector with this dedicated website offering simple accounts payroll and tax services for nurseries, childminders, nannies, play groups, before and after school care and foster care business.

The main reason that we are different from accountancy firms in general is that I worked in a creche and a large nursery facility as a financial controller catering for private and college children. I know how the sector works and spent seven wonderful years watching the company grow and the lovely children develop. To build on that experience I set up my own accountancy practice and for the last five years have developed a practice that specialises and caters for the childcare sector.

This website supports and helps everyone with a childcare business giving you the option to leave all childcare accountancy , childcare tax returns and payroll to us the leading accountancy practice supporting the childcare sector.
If you own a small nursery, a childminding business, a childminding play group, franchise childcare in song or dance or look after foster children then look no further for the support you deserve.

We are qualified accountants with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

It is my privilege to work with the wonderful people in the childcare sector.