As our childcare clients continue to grow we realised that many who employ staff require a one stop service offering and so we implemented a simple payroll solution.

If you are a childminder you might employ assistants, if you are a small nursery then you need a payroll for your staff. If you are a nanny then your provider / employer must provide a payslip for you as an employee of the business.

We operate a monthly payroll for all childcare clients. This is in line with Real Time Information requirements. All you have to do is supply your time sheets by the 20th of every month. We even register you for payroll services with HMRC if you are unsure what to do.

How it works

  1. Register for payroll.
  2. Complete an employer and employee form.
  3. Complete your monthly time sheets.
  4. Payslips are prepared by us on the 25th of every month and emailed to clients by pdf document. The only time that this might change is on bank hoilday’s or if the 25th falls on a week-end.
  5. All employee and employers submissions are sent to HMRC online every month.
  6. All year end reports are completed and submitted.

The smallest and simplest payroll costs starts from £115 plus vat per annum for 1 – 5 employees. Just email us if your staffing levels are above this figure and we can confirm a fee for the service.